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News about wxDesigner

July 16th, 2010: Updates to version 2.20a

Updated wxWidgets to current TRUNK (wxWidgets 2.9.2) including the updated wxBoxSizer layout algorithm which is more in line with the wxWidgets 2.8 code.

Fixed several problems brought by the conversion from wxWidgets 2.8 to wxWidgets 2.9.

Updated the wx.NET code in several places.

February 26th, 2010: Updates to version 2.19.

Added support for wxBitmapToggleButton, wxSearchCtrl and wxEditableListBox.

Added support for radio buttons, drop-down menu buttons and wxSearchCtrl in wxToolbar.

Other minor bug-fixes.

February 23th, 2010: 4-bit Linux support.

Addes DEB and RPM packages for 64-bit Linux (AMD64 alias x86_64).

February 20th, 2010: Updates to version 2.18

Added support for wxHyperlinkCtrl and wxAnimationCtrl

Added support for wxFilePickerCtrl, wxDirPickerCtrl, wxColourPickerCtrl, wxFontPickerCtrl and wxDatePickerCtrl.

Improved scrolling, control deletion and insertion code to show much less flicker and screen moving and other editor corrections.

February 3rd, 2009: Updates to version 2.17

Added support for wxCollapsiblePane, wxStdDialogButtonSizer and wxCheckListBox.

Several minor bugs fixed.

January 24th, 2009: Updates to version 2.16

The big news is that wxDesigner is now based on the upcoming wxWidgets 3.0 showing that even the pre-release versions of wxWidgets 3.0 are very stable and are better in most aspects than the old wxWidgets 2.8 release cycle.

The change to using wxWidgets 3.0 code entails that all controls will look like in that version of wxWidgets, which can vary from the old version.

Since wxWidgets 3.0 is using a new help format produced by Doxygen and this format cannot be displayed correctly by wxHTML, wxDesigner no longer includes the HTML manual and redirects your default browser to the online manual.

wxDesigner now stores all text in UTF-8 and outputs all code and string in UTF-8. In C++ code, any non-Ascii code is explicitly converted from UTF-8 to wxString using wxString::FromUTF8().

wxDesigner now supports transparency through alpha channel (not just masks) in bitmaps.

December 10th, 2008: Updates to version 2.14

Created new Linux packages for openSUSE, SLED and Ubuntu.

Created new Universal Binary packages for OS X Leopard.

Built against wxWidgets 2.8.7.

Updated documentation to version 2.8.7.

Various minor bug fixes.

June 8th, 2006: Released version 2.14

Updated all versions to the most recent stable version of wxWidgets.

Added support for wxToggleButton.

Added support different ID generation under C++. One uses const int, one uses #define as in early version of wxDesigner and one assigns the IDs at runtime. The last mode avoid ID clashes if different programmers add dialogs (also e.g. notebook pages) to a single project.

Added support for arbitrary extra options to various controls.

Some more XML output fixes.

September 20th, 2005: Released version 2.13c for FreeBSD 5.4

Released wxDesigner FreeBSD 5.4 since the binary for FeeBSD 5.1 doesn't run on FreeBSD 5.4.

August 6th, 2005: Released version 2.13c.

Fixed bug where the XML export didn't export the extra style flag.

August 2nd, 2005: Bugfix for Windows version.

Fixed a bug that made the MSW version crash when opening a file.

July 31st, 2005: Released version 2.13a

Updated codebase and documentation to wxWidgets pre2.6.2.

Many updates to wx.NET (C# bindings) support, notably toolbars and menus.

Added more wx.NET samples (rad, toolbar, menu).

Reenable giving spacers a size of 0x0.

Some optical updates for the MacOS X version.

Fix crash on Copy'n'Paste of dialogs on Mac version.

Numerous smaller changes.

May 22nd, 2005: Released version 2.13 for Linux/PPC

The new RPM for Linux/PPC was provided externally.

April 29th, 2005: Released version 2.13

Fixed display problems in Windows version.

wxDesigner now doesn't define any new IDs for IDs prefixed with wx such a wxID_SAVE as this often lead to name clashes with wxWidgets predefined IDs.

April 17th, 2005: Released version 2.12c

Fixed resource version string for XRC.

Fixed bug where clicking on a sizer could change the focus to a different dialog.

Use new text wrapping code for wxStaticText.

Moved internally to wxWidgets 2.6.0.

Fixed crash when clicking on empty toolbar item page.

March 20th, 2005: Released version 2.12

Upgraded all ports and documentation to wxWidgets pre-2.5.5.

Enabled mouse wheel support in all ports.

Reenabled XML import under MSW.

Fixed crash on load and crash in the app wizard under MacOS X.

Added hidden attribute for controls for XML.

No longer write 0 for flag style when no flag has been set in XML.

Made giving a wxStatixText under MSW a foreground colour work in the preview window.

Support for multiline text in buttons.

Some more minor changes.

January 21st, 2005: Released version 2.11a

Fixed several display bugs in the Windows version. This had to be done by reverting to an older version of wxMSW used internally. Importing XML had to be disabled temporarily.

January 9nth, 2005: Released version 2.11

Lots of updates to the MacOS X version which now requires MacOS X version 10.3. The updates include a new packaging as a disk image and the binary is now a bundle including all translations. Also, the Mac version is now based on the same internal wxWidgets code as the other versions (currently pre-2.5.4).

Added preview of dialogs in Metal look to the Mac version.

Added makefiles for two samples that demonstrate how to easily create application bundles under MacOS X (the samples rad and minimal).

C++ outputs now uses const int instead of #define for the IDs.

Converted wxNotebook support to not use wxNotebookSizer anymore.

Added support for the wxFIXED_MINSIZE flag.

Added support for radio menu item (only available under Windows and GTK+).

Updated the Perl, Python and C# output to the current versions of the respective bindings. Tested with wxPerl 0.21, wxPython 2.5.3.X and wx.NET 0.16.

Rewrote dynamic sample to reflect new and better API for creating dialogs which change at run-time.

Added support for using the predefined wxID_ABOUT and and wxID_EXIT IDs in menus since they are used under MacOS X to inform the system to move these menu entries to system menu.

Rewritten many samples to reflect that change.

Improved/enhanced context menus.

Updated documentation to pre-2.5.4.

Internally use wxWidgets pre-2.5.4 for greater compliance with the upcoming next stable release 2.6.

Added code to replace bitmap with a new one from file.

Corrected code under Windows 2k/XP that detected a file change. This sometimes incorrectly detected a change and prompted the user, although no change had happened.

July 11th, 2004: Released version 2.10b

Corrected output for user defined flags (Python,Perl).

July 4th, 2004: Released version 2.10a

Add various hacks for Euro symbol support on all platforms.

Add support for derived panels/dialogs in XRC.

Corrected various minor wxPerl and wxPython output things.

More corrections for the transition to wxPython 2.5.X.

Dropped version for GTK 1.2.

June 5th, 2004: Released version wxDesigner 2.10

wxADJUST_MINSIZE had disappeared from the output which has been corrected now. The reason for this was that wxWidgets 2.5.X makes wxADJUST_MINSIZE the default anyway and thus deprecated its use. That in turn didn't work well with wxWidgets 2.4.X.

Corrected Perl output for wxFlexGridSizer.

Made call to wxWindow::SetName() Unicode-safe.

Made German help text readable again.

Update Python code and samples to wxPython 2.5.X.

wxDesigner now can paste text from Qt/KDE applications.