wxDesigner - the dialog editor and RAD tool and IDE for wxWidgets, wxWindows, wxPython, wxPerl and wx.NET

If you are looking for a easy to use dialog editor and integrated develoment environment (IDE) for wxWidgets, wxWindows, wxPerl, wxPython or wx.NET: wxDesigner is your choice


Dialog editor and RAD tool for wxWidgets

wxDesigner is a visual development tool for the free cross-platform GUI library wxWidgets - supporting C++, Python, Perl and XML output.

Available for Windows, Linux, MacOS X.

Q: What is wxDesigner?
A: A dialog editor and RAD tool for wxWidgets and its language bindings.

Q: What is wxWidgets (formerly called wxWindows)?
A: A free C++ cross-platform GUI library supporting Windows, Linux (GTK+ with GNOME), MacOS X and mobile platforms (e.g. WindowsCE, PocketPC) with bindings for Python, Perl, C# and other languages.

Q: What is a dialog editor and RAD tool?
A: A dialog editor allows you to create or edit dialog boxes and other windows. In the dialog editor, you can add controls to a dialog box and define the layout of the dialog by defining the size and alignment of the controls. dialog editorwxwidgets dialog editor An RAD tool writes out ready-to-use code for GUI classes, event handlers, getters and application skeletons. RAD toolwxwidgets RAD tool

Q: What kind of output does wxDesigner produce?
A: wxDesigner can write C++, Python, Perl and C# code directly.

Q: Isn't there an XML based resource format for wxWidgets?
A: wxDesigner supports importing and writing XML resources.